Monday, June 6, 2011

Day-17 Playing with color

I decided to go back to fashion as a subject, and play with some bold graphical details and colors.  I love the red border and how it shows through the black dress.

Polarized Black and White in Picassa


  1. Really enjoying your amazing work...but as a left-hander, I MUST DO you cut like that? Do you have special artisan knives? Surgeon nerves? Really sharp scissors to go with your smoking style vision?

  2. Hi Susan- Thanks for the question Papercutting is so much fun and you really don't need much to get started.

    I use a a very sharp #11 x-acto knife (which is like a surgeon's knife) in a rubberized handle. I do have some small, sharp craft scissors but I rarely use them- these are the popular tool for Scherenschnitt paper-cutting (which I am not very good at:). My other tool is a book-binding tool (the one you use to make holes) that I use to spear and position the tiny pieces likes lips and lashes. I use a self-healing mat to cut on and glue dots to anchor everything down-other glue melts the paper and gets way too messy. I use handmade paper or card stock, but professional artists use Tyvek so that there pieces stand up to wear and tear and there is less chance of them ripping their piece while cutting.

    As for specifically left-handed blades-I know there are craft scissors for left-handers, but I couldn't find any specific knives,(x-acto says you can reposition the blade but didn't show how) which is surprising because I can see how the angle of a right handed blade would be a bit dangerous!

  3. Thanks so much for all the info! I do NOT have nerves of steel or the patience or the artistic eye or style, so I will just press my nose up against the glass of the computer and say OOOOOOO! :)


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