Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 12-Dog walking lady

My sister asked me to do something Erte-esque.  This is my first attempt, and I took a cue from his use of patterns and exaggerated lines (at once slim and curvaceous-wicked!) to construct this paper-cut...the dog is invisible for now due to time constraints:) I also played with adding volume by using an embossing tool on the hat.  And the lips are getting easier-phew!

Day 11-Savage

I saw the Alexander McQueen retrospective "Savage Beauty" this weekend at the Met, and was inspired to make some fashion illustrations.  His clothes are amazing- the structure, texture and detail are mind-boggling...and every one had a great hat or fascinator!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 10- Chic

All she needs is some Champers...cheers!

Day 9- I want to ride my bicycle

I was looking at the Sartorialist Blog yesterday and everyone was on bikes.  So fun!

Day 8-Glam

I am going out of computer range for the next few days so I am posting my weekend paper cuts early....All inspired by vintage fashion....All I can say is after making these I realized I need to practice making lips, they are so tiny and maddening...they are my paper cut nemesis!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7-MiLK Delivery!!!!

Original concept sketch

Card stock

I started drawing tonight, with no real picture in mind, and this Mad Milkman just sort of evolved.  Original concept sketch on the top and then the paper cut...this was a good way to practice some more intricate line cuts...you know what they say: "milk it does a body good."

Day 6- I heart comic books

I love comic books.  In fact, if you had asked me who I was going to marry when I was really little I would have said Wolverine or Gambit.  I was inspired by Dave Pender's 100 days project (link) in which he is creating a comic book character each day, how cool! Here I took the original cut out on the top and adjusted the shadows in Picasa to get the resulting image...a bit like my favorite shadowy fight scene in Kill Bill.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5-The Cat Stalks After Midnight


There was a great children's book I saw while at the bookstore, The Crocodile Blues, and the illustrator used only black, blue,and yellow paint to suggest night. I loved the effect and wanted to try capturing the same feel with paper. My sister did a great snapshot of her cat, (pic) and as both our cats have an uncanny knack for being cute at the most inopportune times...they seemed like the perfect subject for a night time pic.

Day 4- Singing in the Rain

                                                            card stock and vellum

Last night, I was looking at some children's books about France and was inspired by the graphic quality and bold colors.  It is another rainy day here...get out your muck-lucks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Paper cut on card stock

Silhouette of paper cut photographed on wood      

It was my first anniversary yesterday and I was inspired to create something that captures how one dress and one day can lead to a lifetime of memories, happiness, and good times. As it helps to be flexible in love and life I thought I would see what I could do free hand  and this was done with only the X-acto knife; no pre-sketching, no eraser, no second chances.                                    

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 2-Paper Cut 2; This one stings


I was inspired by another 100 Days project by Carianne Garside in which she is building up a painting layer by layer each day. I would try some experimenting with layering paper cuts behind rice paper and vellum.  Jellyfish seemed like the perfect subject as they always look like they are materializing layer by layer; some parts come through hazy and barely discernible and others dark and inky.

Day 1- 1 papercut

I have been inspired by fashion lately and in the spring shows there were some great structural pieces, and inspired by these pieces and the unrelenting rain here on the east coast I came up with the girl wearing what could just as well be a lovely umbrella.
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