Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 12-Dog walking lady

My sister asked me to do something Erte-esque.  This is my first attempt, and I took a cue from his use of patterns and exaggerated lines (at once slim and curvaceous-wicked!) to construct this paper-cut...the dog is invisible for now due to time constraints:) I also played with adding volume by using an embossing tool on the hat.  And the lips are getting easier-phew!


  1. Thanks Geetali! I was just admiring yours! I am a reading teacher and work with students who have dyslexia and so I teach a lot about the history of language and derivatives/roots that influence English. I love learning about a new language through your blog-the characters are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love Erte! I have a book that has some full color illustrations that I always meant to frame. I'm drawn to your work because of that and my affinity for Vogue Magazine.

  3. Amazing - just amazed at your talent! Paper and blades...you make it sound so easy! Gorgeous, really and whimsical.

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